Dahican, Mati.

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I went on the best trip of my life so far on April 3-6. It was to Mati, which is a city roughly 9 hours (by car) from CDO. Mati, is insanely beautiful!!Now, a trip to Mati is not similar to a trip to your typical resort. Its back to basics out there. The accommodations were simple, we made our own food (Well, once. Our breakfasts came from a surfer kitchen and our dinners came from barbecue places we'd find) we  even shared a common bathroom. And I loved it!!!

It was the most fun I've had in years and is definitely one for the books! Imagine waking up everyday, taking a few steps and seeing the Pacific Ocean, right there in all its blue splendor. I have never seen water so blue and so pristine!! I'd wake up, brush my teeth, shower, wear my suit and get to the beach. I spent my afternoons on a lawn chair just looking at the ocean. It was paradise.

Mati is a surfers paradise. The open ocean provided waves big enough to ride. I did take a lesson and actually stood up on the board once...and then fell. I guess balance just isn't my thing. I did really enjoy watching other people ride and glide on the waves without a challenge. I promised myself I'd learn how to actually surf. Soon. 

I loved this trip (you can tell by how much I've been saying I loved it. lol) I really reeeeaaaaaly did. I loved everything about it. I love everyone I went with. 

Mati, I'll be back.

PS. In case you wonder why all my Mati photos on IG are tagged #humpmati , thats the tag my friends and I agreed on for this trip. The road to Mati had a lot of humps (literally) so, #humpmati . :)

Meet (L-R) Pau, Marj (follow her on IG for the cutest washi tapes! @artstrings) Lauren and ME!! I'm sorry I'm so skinny. HAHA.

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