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Here's a dress I wore to a busy afternoon all the way to 3am. From the family portrait shoot to the Opening of Islands Souvenirs to Style Origins (with Tim Yap, Allison Harvard and Divine Lee. More on that in a separate post.) then to dinner and the drinks with them after. A long, productive, happy day. 

Carlo snapped these photos of me right after the family shoot and its one of my favorite sets ever. For starters, I'm actually really laughing in most of them and taking these was a breeze! 

I've been really focused on positivism lately. See, I just came out of a painful experience and its true what they really say about pain, that no matter how ready you think you are for it...pain demands to be felt. So I soldiered past the hurt and with time and a lot of help, I learned so much. I learned why things had to be that way and that all you can do is accept it.  When I finally got around to accepting it, things got easier for me and my perspectives changed. I saw that there was a great value in staying happy and doing things that made other people happy. 

So to everyone going through something, here's what I have to say...
"It's going to be alright. You may not be okay now, but you will be. And when you are, the world becomes a more beautiful place."

"Smile and breathe in, you'll see that your radiance makes the world a better place..."

Here's a quick snap of me eating a magnum and my siblings mocking me and joining in right after. HAHAHA My big babies!!

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