Swimming with the Whale Sharks.

by - 08:01

I am captivated by the ocean. I am amazed by the vastly undiscovered world that lies below. When we heard that the whale sharks were only 3 hours away from the hotel, we cleared a whole day to go and see them. The 30 minutes we spent with them was well worth the long drive. My whale shark experience was INCREDIBLE. Now, I’m a diver and I’ve seen many great things on dive trips, but seeing  these gentle creatures up close just blew my mind! They are massive! I’m not lying when I say they are as big as buses. The first time I dived in, I was so amazed that I didn’t notice that they were coming really close. Since guests aren’t allowed to touch them, I had to be pulled up and reminded.  I took note of the instructions and stayed down for 20 more minutes. It was unforgettable. 

Now, if you wanna go on a whale shark adventure, I suggest you leave early. The sharks are only usually there till noon. So the earlier you leave Cebu City, the better. And oh! Pack a Waterproof camera or a GoPro. All the guides there know how to use them! 

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