Konnichiwa Japan!

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About a month back, I received an email saying I got accepted  in to the JENESYS 2.0 program for mass media. The program, in a nugget, basically entails sending students from all over the world to Japan on a learning trip. I got chosen along with 111 others from all over the nation. We were invited to see and experience Japan at all levels. To see the cities, the province, dine, sleep and basically live Japanese style. We did this for a good 9 days. Honestly, I just cant get over it! I’m still so hung up on my experience and I can’t believe I’m already at that point where I’m sharing it with all of you on my blog!

(I kept everyone pretty updated via social media most especially via my instagram: @itsmiadurano)

It took me a while to figure out how I’m going to start writing about this, since it was a pretty lengthy trip with a lot of events. But I figured the best way is to take it one day and one post at a time. So, forgive me if the Japan-related posts run for a while.

To start off, we left for Narita on a Japan Airlines flight. I’ve travelled a lot in my life so I figured that my usual method of dressing comfortably would still apply to this flight. Usually when I travel domestic I travel in shorts. But since the weather in upon our arrival was slightly cooler than in our tropical nation, I decided that a sweater and a pair of jeans was the most comfortable option. I know, you’re thinking “Her bag is gigantic.” True, it is. I needed a bag big enough for everything that I couldn’t fit into my check-in luggage (laptop, dslr,makeup,papers,vanity…et al). I love Longchamp bags, always so functional and chic, no matter what size!
True enough, It was about 23°C when we arrived! A far cry from the 33°C heat we left. I gave myself a pat on the back for a great job on dressing for the weather! Narita is about an hour’s drive from Tokyo, we piled on to the bus, chatted the drive away, got to our hotel, settled in and got briefed. 

After all the formalities, we were given an hour or so to go around. A friend and I used the short time to explore the area around our hotel. We went in and out of the many convenience stores, lucky enough I found what I wanted! A Matcha latte! (I had Matcha everyday while I was there.) We took pictures of everything! It was just all new and interesting. Honestly, that first night it didn’t sink in yet. Not till I was in my bed and I saw that my phone had adjusted itself to the time. It was at that point where I said “Wow, I’m in Japan.”

 Yes, in case you were wondering. My hair is Blue! It faded out slowly while I was on the trip.

Thrifted sweater, Uniqlo jeans, Longchamp bag and Converse sneakers.

 Here I am with Farrah Garcia a dear friend and the reason I applied for this trip!
 Mia's Matcha fix day 1. haha

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