Walking by the beach at Kamogawa, Chiba + Josai International University

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I left for Japan about a month ago and I’m still not totally over the whole trip. Editing all these photos isn’t helping either, not that I’m complaining, I have only happy memories from that trip! J

Now, I’m sort of struggling with the photos and the order so I guess it’s easier to post them according to certain events. Our schedules were crazy packed , so there are days when I have no photos. These photos were taken in Kamogawa city, Chiba prefecture (prefecture means something like province). Kamogawa is a quiet seaside city. It’s quiet and the perfect place to relax. When I say quiet, I mean it. We Filipinos were probably the only noise there after 8.

On our first day in Kamogawa, we went to Josai International University’s Tourism Department. It’s a truly amazing campus built for 400 students enrolled in the program. (Amazing, I know.) We spent the morning with a few students who showed us around and asked us to sit in a few classes.( I was most excited about lunch though. I was pretty curious about what their college students ate for lunch. ) Hanging out in JIU was a really great bonding experience, It really got my mind me thinking about education in Japan and the quality and method of teaching. I noticed a smaller teacher-student ratio which really appealed to me since that obviously means that students get more attention from teachers. 

After JIU, we were moved to Kamogawa civic center where we got to meet our Foster Parent/s. More of that tomorrow!

 It does not get any more comfortable than this! Sweatpants are just winning right now.

 So thats what a Japanese student lunch looks like :)
 H&M top, Uniqlo pants and Converse shoes.

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