Photo Diary: Japan 2014

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Japan is beautiful. Every part of it is just so well curated, I could not stop taking photos and admiring everything. This post is my diary, all the photos I took in between day 1-9. 

There's a bunch more photos on my instagram (since I'm better with my phone than I am on my actual camera. LOL)

Check those out too! @itsmiadurano
 Isn't she cute!? Lots of adorable dogs all over Tokyo! 

The Japanese are always on the go. So, supermarkets keep huge stocks of meals and drinks that are ready to be picked up and eaten at anytime. 

The moment you surface from the Ginza station, the Seiko watch tower is your first sight. Ginza is a major shopping district with all sorts of sights,sounds and very friendly people. We went shopping on our second night, I went nearly broke less than 48 hours in! LOL.

Kamogawa, Chiba.

Here's Nicole and Nina. I consider myself terribly lucky to have met these two girls on this trip. They are like sisters to me. 

P.S If you're reading this, I love you both like basics love Starbucks. <3

Kamogawa Sea World.

We took a fun sushi making class and were taught to make snail shaped sushi. It was pretty amazing, and quite complicated.

Look at my fat proud face with my snail sushi!

MIA in Kanji

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