Current Mood: Minimalist.

by - 13:43

Just showing you guys my current mood. I'm currently really in to this whole "minimalist chic" trend. It looks clean, easy and very undone. Which is exactly how I love looking. Lately, I've been going towards pieces (or other things) that are in black or white. I mean, I've still got color in my closet, but black is certainly catching up! 

The thing with this trend though, it's a very unnatural-sort of natural. I'm trying to wrap my head around this, but the way I see it, it seems to say "I woke up like this. But in truth, I made an effort to look this effortless". 

I've never been the trendy type. But I am (like I always say) all about the comfort! This trend is all of that to me! I'm honestly considering reducing my wardrobe to basics now.

Tell me, whats your current mood?

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