Hello 2015 + #ShareYourVibe

by - 06:17

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Wooo! We've survived the year! Its 2015! But before all this New Year talk, let's take a moment to check out my fat cheeks in that photo. Before you conclude that it's all the eating I've been doing, It's not. I got a surgery the day before the New Year. That's why I look like a well stocked chipmunk. Way to ring in the year! HAHA

Okay, right, back to regular programming. New Year, New resolutions. I've got a few ready and I'm really hoping to actually stick to them this year!

1.Be more open. 
- I'm graduating this year and I think It's a really good idea for me to be more open to all the changes and chances coming my way. No more being comfortable with the familiarity of my routine.

2. Stay fit
- I've got a long list of fitness goals for the year and I really wanna tick all the boxes. I promise to actually commit to my workouts.

3. Stay Connected.
- 2014, was honestly a trying year for me. I sort of detached myself from a lot of things that I should've remained connected to. So, I'm promising to share more of myself with my family and friends. 

Good news, since resolution #3 is all about staying connected, Globe is bringing all of us closer by bringing back FREE FB!! And if that's not awesome enough, there's FREE VIBER too!! It's now going to be so much easier to share everything and express yourself! Free Viber for all! No purchase 
required, no promo required, no daily registration required, and available to all Globe 

Have a wonderful year ahead everybody! 

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