Well, Hello. (Again)

by - 14:42

So, Hi. I missed this. I miss having a blog. I did a little check and my last post was written 7 MONTHS AGO! And since then, I've gone on a bunch of trips, finished school, started writing for the newspaper,changed clothing styles, dyed my hair 5 different colors and so much more

There's so much I wanna do now! I wanna travel, eat, explore, tell you about Jiujitsu, start a clothing line and step into the corporate world. It's crazy!!

I'm currently working with someone to get this page up to speed with everything. Design and all. And all my newspaper articles will be housed here too. Moving on from just fashion, this blog will grow like I have. I'll be talking about Make-up, lifestyle, travel, fitness and LOVE.

Happily back, 

Mia. xx 

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  1. glad to see you back! looking forward for more posts!

  2. So happy that you're back! ❤️