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2 nights ago (Look at me being so up-to-date with the posts. Someone hand me the roses.) , Carlo Gaid, my friend and photographer. Who will one day, travel with me because I need great pictures (Lol.JK. maybe not). He shot me a message and asked if I wanted to hang out for a quick cup of coffee. And because I'm always up for coffee, we bought the cups and decided it was a nice night for a walk.Carlo being the photographer that he is, snapped these amazing portraits while we were chatting. We took them pretty quickly, our coffee was still warm by the time we were done. 

If you must know, I take my coffee black. Like my outfits and my heart. 

Everything's from MiMi. The pants are available now, the kimono and cropped top are coming very soon!.

While I am writing this, I am rocking out to Earth, Wind and Fire. Which means, I will be having a major solo dance party in my room. Do you do that? You should, its awesome for the soul.

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