MiMi's First Four

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It took me a while, but its finally here. My very own clothing line, MiMi. (Named after a nickname I wish I carried till I was older.) I was actually quite afraid to start something like this, to put myself out there, to a market this wide. But I thought, "if I was having such a hard time shopping for what I needed, other women must be too". And out of that simple problem, MiMi was born. 

Funny story about these photos, I was having a dry day at home, and the clothes had just arrived. I slipped into one of our rooms and I saw that that room in particular had great lighting and a blank wall. So...in true "blogger" fashion. I do my hair and makeup, set up my tri-pod and start shooting! And viola! Here we are!

MiMi is a clothing line dedicated to the basics. Classy, sexy black and white. Tailor made to fit you.

Here is my first collection as a Fashion Entrepreneur. I'd love to know what you think. Prices and more, are available HERE

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  1. Enjoyed reading your blog. Keep it up! :)