Here's to 22

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My birthday always makes me feel quite melancholic. But this one, this year, was by far the most eventful year of my life. I wrote a lot less and a lot more. Simply cause I felt like I never had the right words to describe the moments I was living.
See, this year, I was hopping on and off islands, I rediscovered the value of family, met the best and worst people. And experienced what was, and will be one of my favorite (whirlwind) stories. (I came out of that story with one of the greatest friends.) I slipped in and out of joy and sadness. I got a job that I thought was perfect for me. Only to realize (days ago) that what seems perfect may not have been the best for me at all.
This year, I lived alone, worked my ass off and maybe where I am right now, isn't where I thought I'd be. But I trust that things will get better and that I'll eventually find what I need and that I'll grow to make better choices.
Here's to hoping my 2 birthday wishes come true. First, I wish for the strength to keep moving forward. Second, that when I do find my place, it'll be somewhere that brings me the same calm and peace that I felt that one night I lay under the stars.
Here's to turning 23 and the people who make me the happiest. It may have been a trying year, but it was not without amazing moments.
All my love, 
Martha Isabel

PS. I missed writing on this blog. Just gotta work on that layout. 

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