Eating our way through Old Cebu on a Php150 budget! #150pesochallenge

by - 04:11

As a lover of all street food- and as someone who had just moved back home, spending a Sunday afternoon in the oldest part of town- eating whatever I could find, was a total dream! But since I knew I would get carried away, Ken and I decided that we should have a budget. And the #150pesochallenge was born! Php150.00 (approx $3) to eat, buy random little things and pay for bottles of water.

So, armed with our cash, our massive appetites, a great sense of adventure and a complete disregard for our figures. Ken and I - explored and ate our way through the streets or Colon and Carbon! Cebuano streetfood is primarily deep-fried, eaten with a dipping sauce that's either made with vinegar or a sweet sauce. I was seriously surprised at the shellfish options too! 

Oh, my Hanoi food guide is on its way! Just trying to sort through nearly 2 years of food photos!  

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