Quantifying Connection

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A few nights ago, I posted this little nugget on Facebook:

" It’s another late night at the Spectrum Philippines. But it is not a stressed out, lethargic, we’ve-had-a-lot-of-coffee kind of late night. Instead there’s good music, a bean bag for me to lay on and the chance for me to watch this pair in action. How Jao (Elijah) is already so much like Ken in his discipline and balance in design- is astonishing. They are both so in tune with their styles that watching them collaborate becomes utterly inspiring.

It’s another late night at the office, it is a privilege to be here."

It truly was an amazing experience, but it got me thinking (with my ultra-human and albeit slightly un-imaginative mind) That if the number of hours to achieve 100% in a field is (somewhat) quantifiable; Its 40 for the first 80% and 4000 hours for the last 20%. How long then, did it take for that- the seamless connection between Ken and Jao to form? How long, or how many hours did it take until Jao and Ken could laugh in unison about an illustration on a design? Mind you, this mini illustration was a blip in the breadth of the design. If we can map out how long it takes to get to100% mastery in a field, can we then tell how long before gears in two people's minds sync? 

This line of questioning then leads me to think about my own experiences. I felt I was so unimaginative in my thought process- that even a "connection" had to be quantifiable? That's when I stopped for a minute and thought- maybe because I had been so rigid with myself? There was just so much going on. I relied on routine- which works if you wanna be a Zombie in 4 months.  I had lost touch with what was (essentially) intangible- "imagination and creativity". Nobody wants to be a zombie - no one wants that look. 

Realizing that, I had then promised myself that I'd actually start breathing, take the time out of my day, to simply let my mind be- to write if I want to. I promised to actually start making an effort to pursue something that fed my soul.

You can't quantify connections, nor will it take me 4000-4000 hours of "creative time" till I'm an artiste. But, writing this- was hour 1, and I feel better already.

(This piece is part of a self-imposed self- care project. Where I (as mentioned) do something creative in my spare time.)

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