On Uncertainty, Fear and Podcasts.

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Uncertainty, is funny enough- very certain. It’s a constant factor in life. Things are uncertain. The paths we take differ at points, there are roadblocks or new trails. So again, just to re-stress that. Things are uncertain. 

So how come, when faced with a situation that is certainly uncertain, we humans (human as we are) retreat into ourselves and scuffle under this blanket of pain that has stemmed from something we’re supposed to understand anyways? I’m not writing to offer an answer to such a long question. But maybe I can contribute to the thought. (Because that’s the best one can do, contribute and hope it makes a smidgen of a difference.)

Uncertainty as normal as it is…is very daunting. And what do we feel about daunting things? Fear. We feel fear. There are 2.1 million (not a real number) lines written on fear and how to face it. But none of these even offer the closest respite.  Fear is crippling. It makes you think less of yourself, it keeps you up at night- fear is painful. 

I can’t speak much for others. But I can speak for myself. I am currently afraid of something. (Many things. Hairy caterpillars included.) I’m not over my fears and the pain. But I have found a way of understanding it that makes it hurt just a little less. 

First, I have learned to see that most of the time, when it involves another human- they’re just as afraid as you are. Everything goes both ways. You’re not alone. They may look like they don’t care, but they do. This type tends to eventually come together after an amount of space. Patience needs to be rebuilt. We all deal differently. 

Second, on being afraid of moments that haven’t even happened yet. Cliche as it sounds. Someone once told me that you’re always meant to be where you are now. It’s not punishment from the gods. It’s a lesson you’ll have to learn to get on to better things. Trust the process. 

Last, wear it like a badge. Yes yes, society glorifies those who are so seemingly perfect. But you’re human and she’s instagram. Wear your fears with pride. Because accepting that they’re a part of who you are- is one step closer to facing that fear. Be brave. Be brave. Your courage to do what is right.- must always be greater than your fears. And what is right is for you to free yourself from whatever is keeping you shackled. 

Oh yes, podcasts. I had taken a liking to them as I was going through a tough time. Listen to the ideas outside the world you keep yourself in. You’d be surprised to learn so much about love from a cooking podcast. 

So, last last- Listen. We learn to be more human by hearing out other humans. 

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