The SOGIE bill is...about you too.

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First, let me dispell some myths. The SOGIE bill is not about same-sex marriage, allowing same-sex couples to legally adopt, change genders on paper nor is it about a man turning into a woman. (Can you believe a senator said that last thing? Yeah, me too.)  Okay, now lets proceed.

SOGIE stands for Sexual Orientation (SO), Gender Identity (GI) and Expression (E). a person's sexual identity in relation to the gender to which they are attracted; the fact of being heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual. I personally believe that your tribe is built upon who your heart resonates with. All of which do not really fit in definitions or boxes. Gender Expression is how a person expresses self-image through appearance, language, and even lifestyle. So with all of this considered, if you really think about it- everyone has SOGIE. Your SOGIE defines how you identify, express and love.

The SOGIE bill protects us Filipinos from discrimination. It does not mean any special rights for the LGBTQIA but if they are mistreated because of their 
SOGIE (or the way they exercise their SOGIE), the law, if passed, keeps them safe. Look at it this way, when a transwoman is denied entry at any establishment because she "dresses a certain way"- because she  “should dress like a man”, that is discrimination and anti-SOGIE. Being denied entry into a restroom because “he looks like a woman but is not a woman” is anti- SOGIE (Do not get me started on the "she has a penis and is, therefore, a man who should use the male restroom" trope.). When I, a heterosexual female, is called out for being a “tomboy” for choosing to practice a martial art dominated by men- that is again, discrimination and anti- SOGIE.
The violations would include: using sexual orientation or the disclosure of; as a criteria for employment and promotion, denial of access to medical and health services, refusal or revocation of accreditation, formal recognition or registration of any organization, or institution, forced medical or psychological examination to determine and/or alter a person’s SOGIE, harassment by the police or military. (See more here)

Passing SOGIE means respecting each other's choices and granting them equal rights to employment, healthcare and more. 
Passing into law then means that ignorance (or feigned ignorance) of SOGIE is not an excuse. Passing SOGIE means protecting the rest of the tribe from those who do not exercise the same respect.

In an interview I was working on- one of the ambassadors said that “As a Filipino, I weave pride into my life by weaving local stories, writing about those that don’t have a voice and have never been heard of. If you tell their stories, you infect them with a sense of pride as well…We have to be reminded that pride is also a verb. It is to be acted on, worn and spoken about.”

SOGIE has always been mentioned as an exercise in PRIDE. It is not. SOGIE is TRUE PRIDE. SOGIE is too- a verb. It is expression and education and the purest practice of human empathy.

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