Entropy- a messy concept that makes lots of sense.

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It's been quite sometime since I've written or done anything simply for myself. It's almost embarrassing to even admit that it's been even longer since I've had a new thought that wasn't on work, or approaching a piece, or have simply had a general inquiry. I've spent so many days with my face buried in projects and letters and sleeping while the sun is up, that truthfully- I was starting to feel a little glum.

So as I was reading a book- I  had a thought that I truly enjoyed extra-extrapolating in my head. To celebrate this new movement in my once doormant mind, I'm sharing it here. Forgive me, it's a little messy- I haven't really done this in a while. And also, this might be a thought brought to you by the flurry of flu medication I am on. 😅

I think of entropy as a concept from time to time. It's weirdly, where my mind wanders when I'm a little blah on the walk home.

Entropy is a natural law that explains disorder. And applied to human behavior- high entropy occurs when humans are left on their own accord to whatever the fuck. So given that we know all this, and have built systems to fight the second law of thermodynamics. ( the entropy of a closed state cannot decrease )

Is this why art and creativity are so important to humans?

Entropy offers a good explanation for why art and beauty are so aesthetically pleasing. Artists create a form of order and symmetry that, odds are, the universe would never generate on its own. It is so rare in the grand scheme of possibilities. The number of beautiful combinations is far less than the number of total combinations. Similarly, seeing a symmetrical face is rare and beautiful when there are so many ways for a face to be asymmetrical.
Beauty is rare and unlikely in a universe of disorder. And this gives us good reason to protect art and in turn, all of the memories we consider beautiful. It's an energy that is an attempt against entropy.

So, I have two more thoughts.

One, Isn't It almost kind of nice to be more accepting of the fact that things will most certainly go wrong (Murphy's law) but when the right amount of energy/ or a long discipline in a single direction is exercised, you can slow down the process to some extent. You can hold on to something as tightly as you can but also know that yes, the result of your efforts (and your efforts ) are subject to entropy too. It's a scary construct, but it's beautiful. The uncertainty of everything and accepting that grants us the humility to enjoy each moment as it comes.

We will never be able to reverse entropy in the long run. Billions of years from now, every atom in the universe will be scattered and spread out such that entropy is maximized and nothing is orderly or where it was. All these atoms in the universe have places to be, us included.

Simply put, someday- everything is going to be everywhere and I think we're all headed to some really great places.

That was it. That's the thought.

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