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(Answer: This piece right here) 

A few months ago, I made the big choice from a regular income, stable corporate job to freelance writer for several enterprises in Cebu City. And here’s what it’s taught me (so far)

It’s not easy. 
 - As fun and as much as I love the written word, satisfying clients and being the custodian of several brand voices can take a toll on your work. You can master one or two, but falter on your third, work on your third and lose cadence on one. I believe the cure is practice, proper scheduling and a lot lot of mindfulness. 

Your mood plays a big role in the whole thing. 
 - I’m no stranger to the occasional mood swing and admittedly take personal medication to mediate a faulty brain chemistry. But when I’m in a slump, rather than writing, I make it a work responsibility to take care of myself by eating well, working out and doing honestly whatever to keep me…happy. 

Ask for help.
 - Other people are magic. It helps to spend time with others, even if you’re just working side by side. As solo as the freelance writer gig is, having company changes so much. 

Don’t take things personally 
 - Brand voice is very personal, especially when you’re submitting directly to a client. Accept that you can never sound like them and sometimes, you’ll have to take your personal style out of the piece and be as objective as you can be. You’ll hear comments here and there, and if you’re anything like me- who loves her work and treats them like babies, take them in stride. It’s a job, a very personal one, but remember, you have bills to pay. I've been told that I talk big game and don't write well enough to support it. It hurts, but where's the fun in life without a challenge right? (It takes a lot of motivational TED talks to get me to rise up from comments like that, but you can't control what's being said- only what you can do about it.)

Read. Read. Read. 
 - Your output needs input. Stay informed and inspired. 

Lastly, write for yourself as much as you can.
 - I wrote for myself less and less as I decided to do this full time- and then I noticed my work quality dwindle, the comments come rushing in and my mood slump. (It’s a cycle) If writing is what truly feeds your soul, write for you every once in a while. The magic you produce, even for an audience of one does wonders in the release. 

And oh yes, this piece is for that last note. This is for me, but hey, if it works for you- great. 

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